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Meet Sorin, our certified Wine Expert

My name is Petre Sorin Coman, I live in Amsterdam, and I’ve been learning about wine for over 15 years now.

I tasted about 1.400 wines (list of wines) in the last 3 years, with a clear goal in mind: to learn as much about grape varieties and wine regions around the world.

The passion for learning about winemaking started when I was a child. My parents owned a vineyard and I was helping around in the winemaking process. I was moving empty buckets, eating the good grapes, running after butterflies, and from bees.

Life took me through many official and unofficial tastings, wine classes, masterclasses, Wine and Spirits Education Trust Advanced Level certificate, and, a great number of countries and wineries visited.


“Talking with vineyard owners and winemakers is the best way to learn about wine.”

Most remarkable tasting

There are too many. The most recent one is a re-make of the Pinot Noir blind tasting set up in Somm 3. A must-watch documentary about a group of internationally acclaimed wine experts that shaped the wine world.

Most remarkable wine

There are too many. If I were to select a recent one, I’d choose Domaine de la Cote, Bloom’s Field Pinot Noir. Reason: it’s one of those wines that not just represent the grape variety, but you will not forget after you have tried it.

“There are many remarkable wines, thus the beauty of wine: one always discovers something new!”

Why TeachMeWine

I already organize in-person wine education classes in in partnership with a wine store in Amsterdam. It is a condensed class, with weekly meetings, that lasts for a full month and covers important grapes around the world, major wine-producing regions, and the secrets of winemaking.

During the Covid19 pandemic, I wanted to bring the wine education experience in people’s homes. I wanted to make learning about wine affordable, and offer my passion in every wine bottle and wine box to you, our wine lover.

Moreover, I wanted to explain the world of wine through my own eyes, and have started writing short educational articles. They can be found in our blog.

“TeachMeWine is about enjoying high-quality wines, about the ritual of tasting, and about understanding the inner expressions of the wine. We want to surprise our customers with aromas they might have never tasted before.”

We are a small team and we can only be grateful to our customers that have trusted our wine boxes and experienced our wines. For any question or feedback please email us at

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